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Foam World on the Gold Coast provides its customers with a variety of pieces of foam cut to different shapes and sizes. Whether you need an exact size or just something that is close to it, Foam World will be able to find or cut the perfect piece of foam to match your needs.

Our expert team has been custom making pieces of foam for Gold Coast locals since 1993. With several different sizes and shapes pre cut and ready to go, you won’t have to wait long to get your home project moving along to its next step.

However, if you need something to fit an exact area, you will need to follow a couple of extra steps before dropping into the Foam World showroom.

Simply measure the area that you need to fit the foam into. Our tip is to always measure twice, as unfortunately we cannot refund custom cut pieces of foam simply because of a few incorrect measurements. Then bring those measurements down to our Foam World Gold Coast showroom in Burleigh. Our expert team has been custom cutting foam for years and will be able to help you find or cut the perfect piece to get the job done. We will make sure you select the best type of foam for your project, to make sure that you don’t have to come back in prematurely just to redo a job that wasn’t done right the first time. Finally our team will measure and cut the foam to suit the exact size that you need.

Foam selection is the most crucial part of this process. Although you should always make that your measurements are accurate, as there is nothing worse than getting your foam home and realising it simply won’t fit because it is either too big or too small, the type of foam will either enhance or detract from the final product. To make sure that you get the right make of foam, it is imperative that our team is able to understand exactly what you intend to do with your piece of foam. Whether you are refurbishing your own couch or want to add an extra layer of comfort to your mattress, every little detail could help our staff match you to your dream foam.

Some areas can be more difficult to fit than others. For example, a Foam Mattresses, is a lot easier to create than the refurbished interior of a caravan or motorhome. If you want to refurbish a tricky area, talk to the team at Foam World Gold Coast to find out about how they can help you measure the area that you need refurbished and cut the foam to suit.

Foam cutting could save you hundreds of dollars in refurbishment costs, potentially keeping you from throwing out furniture that might be easily saved and helping you find a simple and effective solution to your foam needs.

Whatever reason you need to have some foam cut to size on the Gold Coast, make Foam World your first port of call!

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