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Are you sick of having night after night of bad sleep? Is it time for you to upgrade your children to bigger beds but you just can’t justify the price of a new mattress? Do you need a little extra comfort on your spare bed for when the in-laws visit next? Save money, save time and save effort, give the team at Foam World on the Gold Coast a call.

The dedicated and experienced team at Foam World Gold Coast have been mastering the craft of all things foam since 1993. We have provided customers with a variety of comfortable and convertible sleeping solutions longer than many of our clients have been living in this beautiful region. Our team is renowned for their knowledge of foam and high quality of craftsmanship in each and every product that they sell.

Whether you want a day bedsfutonsofa beds or even your very own mattress, Foam World is your one stop shop on the Gold Coast for all things foam.

When it comes to foam mattresses, many people simply enjoy the way that foam shapes itself to the curves of their body. Not only does a foam mattress feel like you are sleeping on a soft cloud of comfort, they can also absorb those fidgety movements of any additional bodies in your bed. That means the whether your partner has restless legs or your kids get scared of the dark, you will still be able to get cosy and enjoy a great night sleep.

Foam World | Gold Coast | Foam Mattress

Foam World Gold Coast foam mattresses come in a variety of makes sizes and shapes, and can even be custom fitted to a size of your choosing.

The first step is to choose the density that you prefer. Do you prefer a firm mattress? Or would you rather something a little more light and fluffy? Next up is the shape and size. It doesn’t matter how big, small or awkwardly shaped your bed is, we can custom make foam mattresses to suit just about anything.

Still haven’t made up your mind yet? Jump in the car and drive on down to our Gold Coast showroom in Burleigh. Test out our quality foam mattresses for yourself and tells us what you think. We are almost certain that you won’t be able to leave our showroom without buying one of our superior products.

Foam World | Gold Coast | Foam Mattress

And, better yet, if you decide on the product and size that you want while you are in the store, our team can make it for you while you wait. That’s right, unlike other companies that can send you away and leave you waiting for up to 3 business days, we can create custom foam mattresses for you on the spot.

All of the Foam World foam mattresses have Active Seal Technology that is exclusive to Foam World. We never use any solvents, CFC’s, fillers, methylene chloride or added carbon dioxide. And we always strive to provide the highest quality finished product to our customers, so you can rest assured that your new foam mattress is going to give you sweet dreams for years to come.

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